Parents Metting


It is to inform you that we are going to start different club activities. Students must be the member of these clubs. Students have to join minimum four clubs and register their name to the in-charge.

The name of clubs and in-charge are given below:

SI No Clubs In-Charge
1. Language Mrs Syeda Jakia Sultana
2. Science Mrs Shamima Hasan
3. Geography Mrs Talukder Sayma Zahan
4. Debate Mrs Niher Layla
5. Music Mrs Ishrat Jahan
6. Dance Mrs Mahzabin Main
7. Art Mrs Arifa Hossain
8. General Knowledge Mrs Wahida Rowshon



Notice                                      Date: 24.02.15

  1. From 1st March 2015 summer time will be started. Summer time is mentioned on students diary. Guardians are requested to check and follow the time. If necessary, students could wear pullover or full-sleeve shirt up to 15 March 2015.
  2. On every Tuesday students have to wear civil dress instead of school uniform. This will be applicable from 3rd March 2015.
  3. From 1st March, classes of Std – V will be continued from 0800 hrs to 1400 hrs.
  4. On every Thursday, after Tiffin period different club activities like Debate, Dance, Music, Art, Geography, Language, GK etc, will take place and it is compulsory for all students to be the member of different clubs.
  5. From 2015 Dance & Music subject will be graded as Art and this will be mentioned in the report card. It is compulsory for all students to learn Music and dance sincerely.

Thanks Principal   Notice Students of KG to Std –V, must maintain a diary for new words to collect and memorise, according to the following directions and would be checked by the class teacher everyday. For       KG & Std – I                : 2 words Std – II & Std – III          : 3 words Std – IV                         : 4 words Std – V                         : 5 words

Sl no. Words Meaning sentence
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

School Time




Summer Time

Winter Time

Ramadan Time

1. Pre–Nur (1st Shift)

& Nursery

0850 hrs to 1100 hrs

0930hrs to 1130hrs

0930hrs to 1110hrs

2. Pre–Nur (2nd  Shift)

1115 hrs to 1320 hrs

1140hrs to 1330hrs

1125hrs to 1300hrs

3. K.G

0850 hrs to 1240 hrs

0930hrs to 1255hrs

0930hrs to 1230hrs

4. Std-I

0800 hrs to 1200 hrs

0900hrs to 1220hrs

0900hrs to 1200hrs

5. Std-II to Std-III

0800 hrs to 1240 hrs

0900hrs to 1255hrs

0900hrs to 1230hrs

6. Std-IV to Std-V

0800 hrs to 1320 hrs

0900hrs to 1330hrs

0900hrs to 1300hrs